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For instance in 68 Ibid. According to Saunders literature review is the process of reading, analyzing and summarizing scholarly materials about the particular topic of the study. An import licence was required for poultry to prevent the spread of Newcastle disease.

When it comes to the second prong — that of necessity — the ECJ may accord the Member State, if the impact on the common market is small, a margin of appreciation.

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Therefore if a member state applies any control, besides control required by the EU itselfon goods produced and marketed in conformity with all regulations of the importing Member state, this would be treated by the ECJ as a MEQR.

This leads you to Step 2 of the analysis. Needs to have a cross-border element. ECJ recognised that charge might be lawful in the following 3 circumstances: But art 36 derogations do NOT apply to both these rules. J Steiner, L Woods, page 50 Opt.

The ECJ considered the Greek regulation as an example of product requirement, even though it regulated not the product itself, but the place where such product could be processed. Under this Article, the German government would be advised to make three submissions.

Public health - weaker drinks were said to increase alcohol tolerance Consumer protection - consumers may buy the drinks as they are cheaper without realising they are also weaker ECJ If a measure is a IA, it may be allowed under the "rule of reason" - which has become known as the Cassis 1st principle.

Makes imported good more expensive than domestic good. Some of the main contradictories of the leading role of the ECJ in forming the EU law by its practical application, which is often criticized for its inability to create consistent decisions, will be analyzed.

EU 6 Goods iv. The rule of reason recognises that a restriction may be necessary in order to satisfy mandatory requirements relating to: The EU free movement of goods law as part of the European integration is not static, it is an ever changing process22 and like any other process - frictions are forming its evolution Held to be arbitrary discrimination as the dolls could lawfully be manufactured in the UK.

Is the measure appropriate. Convicted of importing them contrary to UK legislation banning the importation of indecent or obscene articles. Such a claim is a consequence of the rights conferred on indivs by the Treaty provisions prohibiting the charges. However, Ireland managed to justify the restriction as they had a higher standard of poultry.

That is why, it might be said that the ECJ is a successful instrument for interpretation and enforcement of EU Law and the Free movement of goods is in general one of the success stories of the EU. Internally, can still tax just not in discriminatory fashion v.

Apart from practising the structure we have provided, it would also be very useful to memorise the facts of the key cases so that you will be able to apply them as appropriate in the problem question.

After that, requirement arises to impose some restrictions to this phenomenon. As you will remember, the latter comprises things such as consumer protection, environmental protection, road safety, etc. Remember that the Member State cannot freely pick and choose between both: This means even if a legitimate purpose has been identified, the manner in which the rule is implemented should not benefit domestic producers.

It is as much an obstacle to free movement of goods. Of course the time frame to receive your paper might be extended as we have to wait for the payment to arrive.

Hence, as you may explain, obstacles to free movement of goods which are the consequence of domestic rules that lay down requirements to be met by such goods in principle are liable to constitute measures having an equivalent effect even if those rules apply to all products alike.

As discussed earlier all national measures which in any manner affected goods and services from other member countries can be caught by article The over-extension of the Cassis principle could be easily seen in the so-called the Sunday-trading cases59 where even the old British tradition on closing shops on Sundays was questioned under Article 34 This situation was heavily criticised by many scholars as hindering the regulatory power of the Member states in an unconscionable way.

The measures used by the legislator to achieve the common market idea can be divided to external and internal measures. Text, cases and materials, 4th ed. More recently, in Alfa Vita77 a Greek law regulating the sale of bread which was produced only half baked and sold after extra-baking at the store by requiring the seller to be duly licensed and equipped to bake the bread, was found inconsistent with Article 34 TFEU.

Free movement of goods, persons, services and capital (the "four freedoms") The free movement of goods has been described as the "cornerstone" of the internal market.

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The advantages and disadvantages of FMG are as follows. The Common Commercial Policy has been one of the most important and dynamic fields of EU external relations. Since its inception inthe scope of the Common Commercial Policy has been significantly changed in order to adapt to the new realities of international trade and economic relations.

EU Free Movement Court of Justice upholds UK approach to Worker Registration Scheme for EU nationals Last week the Court of Justice of the European Union upheld the UK’s approach to the Worker Registration Scheme in force between and for citizens of new EU countries.

In your EU law exam, there would always be a question on Article 34 of the TFEU, i.e., the free movement of goods. Prepare for this question and you would have prepared for a good portion of your exam. EU Law_Course 15_Free Movement of Goods. An essential element of the common market is the series of freedoms which constitute the “foundations of the Community”.

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Eu law free movement of goods essay writer
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